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Method A-1: using psutils only

1) Change the document format to postscript:

pdf2ps file.pdf

This creates a postscript file named ‘’

2) Change the order of the pages:

psbook -s16

Where 16 is the number of pages that your document has. It should be a multiple of four.

3) Arrange the pages so two logical pages are printed on one physical sheet:

psnup -2 -w21cm -h16.3cm -W10.5cm -H16.3cm

Which arranges two logical pages of the size 105x163mm on a sheet of the size 210x163mm. If you have different page sizes, then simply change the dimensions. (Take a look to the man page of psnup) You can alternatively use the -p and -P flags to indicate page sizes:

psnup -2 -pa4 -Pa5

which will take two A5 pages and put them on A4 paper.

4) Transform it back to pdf:


This creates the file ‘fileB.pdf’.

5) Print ‘fileB.pdf’ with the program of your choice.

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